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Strength, stability & simplicity

Multi-purpose Dashboard

The ARX lightweight dashboard's cutouts support a variety of popular global standardized accessories and mounting systems such as GoPro, RAM-Mount, QuadLock & Garmin devices.

Battery to Relay to FuseBox to Dash

The 'Power Package' which is offered in the Finke* & Dakar* tower comes with electrical circuitry to power all your accessories without overloading the bike's stock wiring harness.

Custom Screen Decals

Not all bikes are alike. When you order your ARX tower, you choose a look from selection of screen decals, allowing the tower to seamlessly blend into your bike's overall look

The rider's bike

We at ARX share your passion for riding. We don't believe in one product that suits everyone.

Let us know what you want added to your tower. We'll help you make it happen.

New tower on my Yamaha WR250R. This is a quality product. Professional build with great service and backup. I now have an uncluttered work site with room for all my fangles. Thanks ARX for a great job

David Phillips

Well took the plunge and ordered the tower, impressed with delivery and tracking. The quality looks great and the pre-assembly helps with what goes where . I will fit over weekend and update but super impressed!

Ed Banks

"First off, the build quality is incredible! The tower itself mounted on without too many dramas. Any questions I did have, Davin was more than happy to help. So happy with the lights".

Byron Hakanson